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A White Label Solution

Tailored for Research Excellence. Dive into a seamless integration of diet, health metrics, and participant engagement to transform your research outcomes.

Your All-in-One Health Monitoring Solution

At meala, we specialize in creating digital research tools tailored to the unique needs of each study. As a team of experienced researchers and software developers, we understand the nuances of scientific inquiry and the importance of precision. Our white label solution provides a flexible foundation, allowing us to efficiently customize and extend our basic software framework to meet your specific research requirements. By leveraging existing technologies, we deliver affordable, effective, and precise tools designed to enhance your research capabilities and outcomes

Comprehensive Health Tracking

Integrate real-time health data from CGMs, sleep monitors, and activity trackers. Gain a holistic view of participant health and dietary impacts with our easy-to-use interface.

Symptom Monitoring

Enable participants to record daily symptoms effortlessly. Customize the symptom tracker to align with your research objectives, ensuring precise and relevant data collection.

Engaging Surveys

Deploy structured surveys with ease. Our tools help you instruct participants clearly, boosting compliance and enriching your data with high-quality, actionable insights.

How does this work?

Step 1: Connect your Devices

Start by syncing your health devices and apps—CGMs, fitness trackers, sleep monitors, and more. Our platform pulls data automatically, ensuring you have all your health metrics in one place.

Step 2: Track your Diet and Symptoms

Log your daily food intake using our intuitive food tracking interface. Add any symptoms you experience throughout the day to see how your diet correlates with your overall health and well-being.

Step 3: Participate in Surveys

Engage with customized surveys designed to complement your tracking. Follow structured guidance to improve compliance and contribute valuable data that helps refine your personalized health insights.

We are here to help

Our cutting-edge platform is designed to revolutionize health research and personal wellness by seamlessly integrating dietary tracking with comprehensive health data analysis. This white label solution empowers researchers, healthcare professionals, and individuals to connect continuous glucose monitors (CGM), sleep trackers, activity monitors, and more to gain a holistic view of health in relation to diet.

Data in Real-Time


Ideal for a Range of Applications

From conducting detailed nutritional research and managing chronic diseases to supporting fitness goals and corporate health initiatives, our platform offers versatile applications. It's particularly beneficial for tracking the dietary impacts on specific medical conditions, aiding in behavioral health research, and fostering better health practices within community and academic settings.

Speech to Food

Simply add meals to your diary by using your voice

Food Image Labels

Take a picture and we add the nutrition labels for you

Nutrition Database

Connect to your local nutrition database

Bar Code Scanner

Scan the bar code of food products and drinks to log meals in seconds

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