Cookie Challenge

Challenge your diabetes and become part of the meala community! We are giving away a Fitbit Sense amongst all participants. 

1. If you're not using meala yet, download the app now.

Start your first challenge!

Let’s test your insulin-to-carb-ratio together!

We’re hosting the Cookie Challenge in the meala app and you can participate in just a few steps. Before we can test your insulin-to-carb-ratio together, some prerequisites are important to fulfill. Please read those carefully in the app before eating your first cookie.*


*Of course you can stop or postpone the challenge at any time to treat a low or really high blood sugar.


5. Start your second challenge.

Did your blood sugar stay in range during the first challenge or are you going to adjust your insulin-to-carb-ratio?

Start your second round of the cookie challenge now to confirm your insulin-to-carb-ratio or evaluate your adjustments. 


3. Complete your Challenge until March 27, 2023 and get the chance to win a fitbit sense!

Team Meala

Kevin Nils has been living with type 1 diabetes since he was 16. He is the idea giver behind meala – 2 years ago he began designing and developing the app in order to learn from his own CGM data and understand the impact of nutrition.
besser zu verstehen.
Kevin Nils
Founder of meala
Svea has been living with type 1 diabetes for about 5 years and knows the daily blood sugar challenges all too well.
She ensures the connection to you, the community, and keeps you informed about news and updates.
Community Manager
Tine has been living with type 1 diabetes for more than 12 years. Even from the beginning, she decided to use her diagnosis for something good. She is a nurse and a diabetes educator (certified by the German Association for Diabetes) by trade.
Diabetes Educator


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can also master the pizza challenge and become a „pizza champion“ in our app! Doing so, you can evaluate your own pizza management so that it’s easier to estimate pizza in the future and avoid blood sugar rollercoasters.