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Take Charge of Your Glucose Levels


It is recommended to ensure the accuracy of your carbohydrate calculations, as maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels is crucial for good health. Ideally, your blood sugar should be within the target range three hours following a meal.

Fast Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have been found to cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels and are not considered to be a healthy component of anyone's diet. Meala offers strategies for effectively managing carbohydrate intake.

Find meals

Take advantage of the meal data already recorded and analyze it to gain insights into your dietary habits. By reviewing your previous meals, you can identify patterns and make informed decisions about your future food choices.

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Automatic nutrition tagging.


Learn from the experiences of other people.


Find meals you have already eaten and learn from your own data.


Recognize patterns, repetitions and other peculiarities.


Search Places you have been to and learn from your data


meala helps you to analyzes your meals to identify any abnormalities.


Train your knowledge and estimation skills.

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