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Find out what's in your food.


Check if your BE factors are correct. Your sugar should be in the target range three hours after your meal.

Fast carbohydrates

Carbohydrates, which cause blood sugar to rise quickly, are not healthy for anyone. Meala recognizes them and shows you how to deal with them.

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Find meals you have already eaten and learn from your own data.

The estimation of carbohydrates is the most influential source of error in diabetes therapy

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Automatic nutritional value detection and tagging.


Learn from the experiences of other people.


Learn from meals that are not good for you.


Recognize patterns, repetitions and other peculiarities.

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Find exactly the meal you like and tolerate well.


Search all the meals you've eaten to learn from them.

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If you don't know what to do, you can contact one of our nutrition experts.

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Find the right restaurant near you.


Meala analyzes your meals to identify any abnormalities.

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You like to eat undisturbed? No problem, meala also works offline.

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What's all in your food? We help you to understand your food.


Train your knowledge and estimation skills.

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A good cook is a good doctor.

Warum fange ich denn jetzt wieder an, die Kohlenhydrate der Mahlzeit zu schätzen? Die Portionsgrößen sind doch irgendwie immer gleich, es ist alles standardisiert. Ich hatte dann die Idee, diese Informationen zusammenzuführen.

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The reasons for estimating carbohydrates can be quite different. People with diabetes need the information to calculate insulin needs, athletes and people on a diet also pay close attention to the nutritional values of their meals.

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A CGM system and a Bluetooth-enabled insulin pump are the cornerstones of an artificial pancreas or closed-loop. An app connects both components so that the pump switches on or off depending on whether the values are too high or too low.

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