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12 years ago, shortly after my diagnosis diabetes type 1, I sat for the first and only time in a training course on carbohydrates appreciate. After that I was on my own. 
With regard to carbohydrates and my subsequent sugar, I have always had respect for restaurants. Who knows what the cook puts in the sauce? How big is the portion of rice? I tried to compare the plate size with home, but I was very often wrong. The sugar derailed and I was very frustrated. Either I put up with bad blood sugar or I just eat a salad.
Today I am self-employed and go to a restaurant for lunch every day. The daily fear of high sugar remained until I came up with the idea for meala.

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Our greatest weakness is giving up.

- Hippokrates

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Our greatest weakness is giving up.

Kevin Röhl

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