Find out more about yourself and your body

meala combines state-of-the-art technologies with scientific methods to enable precise analysis of your state of health.

By keeping a symptom diary within our app, you can not only track your diet and activities, but also identify subtle patterns in your wellbeing that would otherwise go undetected.

this is how it works

Most frequent questions and answers


First, you record your meals, symptoms and activities daily in the Meala app. If you use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), you can also integrate this data. This comprehensive data collection forms the basis for the analysis.m


Pattern recognition

Using statistical methods and machine learning, meala identifies patterns in your data. These patterns can provide insight into how certain foods or activities affect your symptoms such as fatigue or cravings.



Correlation analysis

By analyzing the relationships between different data points (e.g. food intake and blood glucose levels), meala identifies direct and indirect correlations. These insights are crucial to understanding how your diet and lifestyle can influence specific symptoms or health conditions.


Predictive analysis

Based on your historical data, meala can make predictions about how certain changes in your lifestyle or diet might affect future symptoms. This allows you to proactively adjust your habits to improve your health.


Personalized feedback

Based on the analysis, you will receive personalized reports and recommendations. These reports are not just a record of your data, but offer you science-based insights and practical advice on how to adjust your diet and lifestyle for optimal health.


Data protection and ethics

Your privacy and data security are our top priority. All data is processed securely to protect your information while we gain valuable insights into public health.


Diary analysis

The Meala Analysis Program offers you the opportunity to make informed decisions about your health and nutrition based on scientific evidence. It is a tool that not only helps you to understand and improve your daily habits, but also contributes to science.